Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used as an effective antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral substance since the very beginning of traditional medical practice. A mainstay in holistic medicine, silver has been scientifically proven as an effective infection-fighting agent time and time again over the last eighty years. Although, the practice has been used for far longer, centuries even.

The risks associated with colloidal silver use pale in comparison to the dangers presented by modern drugs. Despite medical authorities resistance to colloidal silver as a common practice, regulatory authorities and established organizations such as the EPA recognize silver’s antimicrobial capabilities to the extent that they are considering regulating its use. Additionally, the EPA has added threshold limits to silver, minimizing the side effects it could present to virtually none.

Modern use of colloidal silver has grown due to the emergence of new, and powerful bacteria strains that become resistant to antibiotics over time. By the 1990’s it was clear that penicillin, and other antibacterial drugs, would not be enough in combating microbes, parasites, bacteria and other opportunistic infections.

Why is Silver Effective at Killing Pathogens?

  1. Oxidizing catalyst. Silver particles serve as an oxidizing catalyst, and as such oxidize pathogens killing them. Hydrogen peroxide works in the same manner.
  2. Respiration interference. Silver disrupts the microbe’s respiration, essentially suffocating it.
  3. Disable sulfur. Silver can tie up or disable the sulfur within the microbe.

For Viruses?

  1. Oxidizing catalyst.
  2. Reverts DNA or RNA. Silver causes the virus DNA or RNA to revert back to being undifferentiated, meaning without proper expression, and thus, becoming disabled.
  3. Repairs DNA. A functional virus by design has an incomplete DNA, so when silver repairs the broken segment of DNA it can remove the function of the virus

The Myth of Argyria

Argyria, a cosmetic skin condition caused by heavy consumption of silver compounds, is a condition mistakenly associated with taking any silver product. Silver salts, silver chloride, and other silver compounds are common culprits as compounds can have completely different properties and effects depending on the elements involved. To be clear, scientific

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